Ailsa Craig Productions – Communicate your story!

Ailsa Craig Productions is an innovative company created by renowned television producer, director and scriptwriter Ailsa McDermott to service the needs of businesses, burgeoning or established, for new age marketing, both visually and through the written word.

We are the “go to” place for training in creative writing,content writing, script writing,

TV production and TV presentation.



Ailsa Craig Productions is all about creativity. Creating novel and exciting ways of you, as a business owner, getting your message across to your clients. Social media has a massive mouth and if used correctly can reach millions of people, globally.



That’s the idea to hook your clients into what your company is all about. This can be done through or producing short captivating videos which can take the form of a corporate or explainer videos or simply getting your idea across on camera. We bring your story to life.



Ailsa Craig Productions offers training courses for groups or individuals on how to appear confident in front of the camera and get your message across authentically. We also teach scriptwriting across all genres; simple vlogs, documentaries, corporate videos and drama.